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What’s a Motor Management Program?

A Motor Management Program is a comprehensive asset management plan that, when properly designed, will create real value within your operation:

  • Minimized downtime.
  • Lower overall investment in spare motors and parts.
  • More effective use of operational budgets.
  • Higher reliability of motor and electrical systems.
Inventory Your Motors

The first step is to inventory all the motors in your facility (including any spares) and identify those considered most critical to your operation. This list should prioritize your largest horsepower motors, typically the ones that will impact your operation and profitability the most, and any specialty motors that may be in service.

Repair or Replace?

It is best to make your repair or replace decisions before a failure occurs and create policies and procedures to align with those decisions. Your NorthPoint Service Centre will assist in understanding how readily available replacements may be and how that may impact your repair or replace decisions. NorthPoint will also assist in optimizing your systems and in making recommendations on new NEMA premium efficiency motors if you are looking to upgrade your motors in the process of replacing.

Policies around general repair or replace concerns for non-critical motors should also be put in place. This might include replacing all failed motors under a certain horsepower and repairing all motors above that horsepower. You might also want to consider replacing a failed motor if the repair cost exceeds a certain percentage of the cost of a new motor.

  • If you decide a new motor is your best option, you may decide to purchase a spare now before a failure occurs. Understanding the lead time on a replacement and how that downtime impacts your operation is key information.
  • If you decide a repair/rewind is your best option, your NorthPoint Service Centre can order or make any special parts to have on hand when the motor needs repair.

Regardless of which direction you wish to go, that information will be logged with your inventory list so when a particular motor fails, a course of action is already in place and downtime can be minimized.

Developing a Spare Motor Inventory

When planning a spare motor inventory, your NorthPoint Service Centre will help you understand which motors (or parts) critical to your operation are standard, off the shelf motors and which are long lead items. We can also assist in consolidating spares among multiple sites in order to reduce your overall investment in inventory.

Storage and Maintenance Plan

A complete maintenance and storage plan for spares (spare parts as well) is the final piece. Your NorthPoint Service Centre can ensure that the motors are properly tracked, preserved and maintained for when they are required. Understanding the logistics of shipping and how that may affect downtime during a failure is also a consideration when spare motors are not stored on site.

By working with your NorthPoint Service Centre in developing a Motor Management Program, you get an experienced partner who can provide professional optimization, tracking, storage and maintenance services for the life of the motor. We supply and service many of the best names in the business – Siemens, ABB, TECO Westinghouse, WEG, Toshiba – and have the in-house engineering expertise to test and troubleshoot your systems as well.

Posted on: 31st May, 2019