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NorthPoint Technical Services was formed in 2018 when the Siemens Motor Repair Centres were carved out and divested from Siemens Canada Limited. The organization is now operating and thriving as a stand-alone entrepreneurial business that benefits from decades of technical expertise, a national footprint and a strong reputation for quality and customer service. At NorthPoint, we pride ourselves in doing the job right, when the customer needs it, to the highest level of quality found in the industry. From motors to generators to pumps to turbines – if it rotates, we can fix it.

Following the divestiture from Siemens, NorthPoint continues to be a Siemens Approved Partner for motor and gearbox repair and distribution out of its eight facilities across Canada.


Course Overview

This course is 4 days of intensive and practical courses. This course has been designed based upon decades of experience repairing and maintaining electrical machines. The approach is to identify the main types of failures, and then to identify the available options for companies to reduce or prevent each type of failure.

These courses are practical, including shop inspection of various repairs and procedures in progress. Elements of shop and on-site electrical testing and vibration analysis are included in each course.

The objective is that personnel can return to their plants, equipped to identify situations which place their motors at risk thus giving them the option of doing something to improve their reliability.

Course Schedule 2019

  • April 30 – May 3
  • November 5-8

  $2,100 plus GST *note: for companies with groups 8+ we can accommodate by travelling onsite for training.

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Course Overview

This practical course is designed for rotating equipment specialists, millwrights, technicians, and engineers who are involved in the maintenance and operation of single and multi-stage, single valve industrial steam turbines.

Major topics covered include principles of operation and design, maintenance and operation of major turbine components (rotors, bearings, governors, lubrication systems, and casing), piping systems strain and supports, turbine alignment and thermal growth, and shop balancing.


2019 Course Schedule:

  • March 19 – 21 , 2019
  • October 8 – 10, 2019


$1,850 plus GST

*note: for companies with groups 8+ we can accommodate by travelling onsite for training.



Course Overview

NorthPoint Training Centre offers a Vibration Analysis Training Program that is generally compliant with the ISO 18436–2 standard for personnel involved in non-destructive testing, condition monitoring and machinery diagnostics, offering the appropriate theoretical and practical hands-on knowledge of vibration measurement and analysis. The ISO 18436-2 standard stipulates theory covered is non-product specific to ensure that concepts are grasped prior to introducing instrumentation technology. The courses are recognized by the Engineering Institute of Canada for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).



2019 Course Schedule:

Category I

  • February 25-28  (Optional Exam – March 1)
  • June 3-6  (Optional Exam – June 7)
  • August 26-29 (Optional Exam – August 30)
  • November 18-21 (Optional Exam – November 22)


$1,825 plus GST
$275 plus GST (optional exam fee)


Category II

  • March 11-14  (Optional Exam – March 15)
  • June 17-20  (Optional Exam – June 21)
  • September 9-12 (Optional Exam – September 13)
  • December 2-5 (Optional Exam – December 6)


$1,875 plus GST
$275 plus GST (optional exam fee)


Category III

  • April 1-4  (Optional Exam – April 5)
  • September 23-26  (Optional Exam – September 27)


$1,925 plus GST
$275 plus GST (optional exam fee)


Vibration Analysis for Engineers

  • April 23-26
  • October 22-25


$1,995 plus GST


*note: for companies with groups 8+ we can accommodate by travelling onsite for training.



Course Summary

Safely, quickly and cost-effectively field balance machinery. NorthPoint Training Centre uses advanced 1 & 2 plane balancing rotor kits to simulate real life situations, to deliver a practical, hands-on training experience. Students first learn single plane balancing, progressing to 2-plane balancing.

Both graphic and computerized methods will be taught in this course. Computer methods give speed and accurate computation; graphical methods give common sense and best plane selection that computers alone cannot give.

Powerful techniques taught: use trial weight data to troubleshoot looseness, poor bases and resonance. Use the variable bandwidth, tracking vector filter to reject interference from adjacent vibrating machinery, for faster and easier balancing.

Collect 4-channel horizontal and vertical vibration data from each of 2 bearings for even more powerful machine troubleshooting. Save and recall data to software. Quickly create reports. Do one-run balancing on similar projects.

*Progressing to 2 plane balancing ONLY when single plane concepts are grasped and understood fully.

2019 Course Schedule:

April 9 – 11 , 2019



$1,750 plus GST

Course Summary | Download PDF