Field Engineering

Our focus is to provide the plant reliability manager with solutions for the most difficult and challenging machinery problems. Our field engineering experts have been providing solutions to complex electrical and mechanical plant process issues for over 40 years.

Advanced electrical and mechanical troubleshooting of process machinery drive trains

Vibration Analysis

  • Motion amplification (video ODS)
  • Multichannel vibration monitoring of drive trains (ADRE and ZonicBook)
  • Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) and modal analysis with ME‚Äôscope
  • FEA and structural dynamics modification (what-if scenarios)
  • Field torsional vibration measurements, steady-state and transient (Torque and HP)
  • Torsional stress/vibration studies
  • Strain gauge analysis of process piping systems
  • Multiplane dynamic balancing
  • Mechanical resonance testing
  • Periodic vibration surveys
  • Plant vibration program auditing
  • Plant vibration database data analysis and report preparation

Electrical Testing and Inspection

  • Electrical testing of large generators
  • EL-CID and wedge tightness testing
  • PdMA online and offline motor condition testing
  • Power system quality monitoring
  • Electric motor and power system commissioning
  • Protective relay testing and verification
  • Power transformer condition monitoring system installation and commissioning
  • Video borescope inspections

Alignment Services

  • Optical survey networks (total station)
  • Laser alignment
  • Large Electric Motor Installation/Removal and Commissioning