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Last Friday we received an urgent request for help with a failed 1500hp motor on site. Knowing that we are an essential service to our customers we jumped into action sending one of our experienced field technicians to their site. Taking all necessary precautions during the Covid-19 pandemic, with proper PPE and social distancing, we were able to remove the poles and got them rewound and cured.  The following week our Field Technician was back on site where he installed the newly wound coils. During this installation he noticed a few issues with the connections on the rotor and brought in one of our expert winders to assist. Within a few hours the connections were completed and taped. Final testing was performed and the next morning the customer was back up and running with no issue.

We are proud of our dedicated and experienced workforce. Keeping safety at the forefront and keeping essential businesses running during this unprecedented time. Thank you!

Posted on: 27th Apr, 2020