Full Week Training

Safely, quickly and cost-effectively field balance machinery. NorthPoint Training Centre uses advanced 1 & 2 plane balancing rotor kits to simulate real life situations, to deliver a practical, hands-on training experience. Students first learn single plane balancing, progressing to 2-plane balancing.

Both graphic and computerized methods will be taught in this course. Computer methods give speed and accurate computation; graphical methods give common sense and best plane selection that computers alone cannot give.

Powerful techniques taught: use trial weight data to troubleshoot looseness, poor bases and resonance. Use the variable bandwidth, tracking vector filter to reject interference from adjacent vibrating machinery, for faster and easier balancing.

Collect 4-channel horizontal and vertical vibration data from each of 2 bearings for even more powerful machine troubleshooting. Save and recall data to software. Quickly create reports. Do one-run balancing on similar projects.

*Progressing to 2 plane balancing ONLY when single plane concepts are grasped and understood fully.

*These courses are recognized by the Engineering Institute of Canada for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). 

Registration Fee:  $1,750 CAD + GST