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Electric motor reliability training

The courses are comprised of two, 2-day intensive and practical courses. The first two days are aimed at electrically trained persons – Electricians, Technicians and Technologists, and Electrical Engineers. The second two days are aimed at mechanically trained persons – Millwrights, Machinists, Technicians and Technologists, and Mechanical Engineers. It is recommended to attend all four days because in reality, mechanical causes result in many electrical failures, and electrical causes result in many mechanical failures.


This practical course is designed for rotating equipment specialists, millwrights, technicians, and engineers who are involved in the maintenance and operation of single and multi-stage, single valve industrial steam turbines. Major topics covered include principles of operation and design, maintenance and operation of major turbine components (rotors, bearings, governors, lubrication systems, and casing), piping systems strain and supports, turbine alignment and thermal growth, and shop balancing.


NorthPoint’s Vibration Analysis Training Program is generally compliant with the ISO 18436–2 standard for personnel involved in non-destructive testing, condition monitoring and machinery diagnostics, offering the appropriate theoretical and practical hands-on knowledge of vibration measurement and analysis. The ISO 18436-2 standard stipulates theory covered is non-product specific to ensure that concepts are grasped prior to introducing instrumentation technology. The courses are recognized by the Engineering Institute of Canada for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).


Safely, quickly and cost-effectively field balance machinery. NorthPoint uses advanced one and two plane rotor kits to simulate real life situations, to deliver a practical, hands-on training experience. Students first learn single plane balancing, progressing to 2-plane balancing. *Progressing to 2 plane balancing ONLY when single plane concepts are grasped and understood firmly.